Recent photos

I haven`t posted to the blog for months, so I thought I put a gallery of my recent photos on. They were taken mainly in the beautiful Yorkshire and Derbyshire. Hope you enjoy them!

Ismet nem foglalkoztam a bloggal honapok ota, ugyhogy most osszeallitottam egy galeriat az elmult hetekben keszult fotoimbol. A kepek nagyreszt Yorkshire es Derbyshire megyeben keszultek. Remelem sokaknak tetszeni fognak!

Concert photos

I have been a huge Madonna fan since I was a teenager. In 2008 I was lucky enough to see her shows a few times from the front row. I took my camera with me to her first Paris show, or smuggled it in, should I say. Considering the fans going crazy on each side of me, and the light conditions, I am quite pleased with the photos.

I have been thinking a lot recently, that I should try myself at portraits, but at the moment I dont have any potential models.  I think Madonna, even though she had no idea that she`s modelling for me, is a pretty good reference 🙂 

HUN: Aki ismer, az tudja, hogy tinedzser korom ota nagy Madonna rajongo vagyok. 2008-ban volt szerencsem tobbszor is megnezni a koncertjet az elso sorbol. Az elso parizsi koncertre bevittem, illetve becsempesztem a fenykepezogepem. A korulmenyekhez kepest, beleertve a lokdoso rajongokat, es a fenyviszonyokat, azt hiszem elegedett lehetek a fotoimmal. 

Mostanaban eleg sokat gondolkodom azon, hogy ki kellene probalnom a portre-fotozast, viszont egyelore sajnos nincs modellem. Azt gondolom, hogy meg ha nem is tudott rola, de Madonnanal jobb referenciat senki nem kivanhat maganak 🙂


My photography journey Part 1.

A month ago I decided to start blogging again. In fact, this is not simply the revival of my old blog, but I thought I transfer it to a completely new shape and form, so I started a photography blog. The old blog was written in Hungarian, and it was more of a personal blog. Not too personal of course. When I was thinking what to do with the new blog, I knew I dont want to write too much, the main focus of the blog will be on my photos. 

The other night I had an idea, that I will show some of my old photos, and also write a little bit more. If I can, I will try to make this a regular thing on the blog. In this first post, I show you two photos, that I took in 2014. As every beginner photographer I used to take photos in Auto mode. I have always been a keen photographer, but  in the last few years I developed a huge interest about how to take better photos, how the different camera settings work, and how to process photos. I have been reading about photography as much as my busy work life allowed me to. I know I still have a lot to learn, and the road to produce perfect photos is long, but I think I try my best to improve my skills. Like I said earlier these 2 photos have been taken in 2014. For some reasons I have always been fascinated by water, I love swimming, I love chilling at the seaside, or a river bank, and just stare at the water. I think water doesnt just keep us humans alive, but it also has a calming effect on us. It is always on the move, and if I want to be spiritual it can be seen as the symbol of the constant change of life, and the endless possibilities. So, here is two water photos, the first one is macro raindrops converted to monochrome, and the second one is one of my very first attempts at photographing waterfalls, using long exposure. 


22/ Its all coming back to me now by B.ADSCF6402 (2)

Home, sweet home – holiday in pictures

I spent the last 11 days in my hometown in Hungary.  It`s always nice to be back and spend some quality time with my family and see my friends. Since I moved abroad I see my town in a different perspective, I always wonder what`s changed since my last visit, and I really enjoy being out and about in town.  

I guess if we talk about holiday photos, people expect seaside, beach, or great cityscapes etc. In my case holiday photos mean taking photos in my hometown, the subject is whatever catch my eye. So here is a gallery of my photographs, taken in Hungary:


I think every photographer likes to take photos of the sunset. The sun is not just a distant planet, that provides us with some useful elements, such as light, warmth, and vitamin D, but its also a great artist. Whether you are in a crowded city, or if you lucky enough to live at the seaside, the sunset never fails to amaze us. With its vibrant and dynamic colours, watching the sunset can be a really calming and, for the soft-hearted, a very romantic experience. I think I am pretty lucky with where I live, in the outskirts of a busy city, and on the top of a hill. This provides me with a spectacular view, and without having to go out, finding a good spot, I can simply open my window, and take photos of the sunset. 

I attached a gallery of my latest sunset photos, some of them was taken with my mobile. The photos with the trees on them, were taken from my room.


Hello everyone! Hopefully many of you noticed the absence of the blog, and perhaps some of you even missed it. I was thinking for a while, that I should restart blogging, and also had some new ideas how to continue. I took photos while the blog was neglected, but I posted them on Instagram. The last few days I have been out and about and saw the nature changing from the dull winter into the colourful spring, and that inspired me. I thought as the world has been transforming, its time to transform my blog into a brand new shape. 

The blog`s main profile will be photography. I decided to write my posts in English, I know it may disappoints some hungarian followers, but quite selfishly I want to step out more into the international world of bloggers. 

If you wish to read my old blog posts, head over to the Archives Menu. I put a gallery to this post, hope you like the photos. So, this is the first post of the renewed blog, it wasnt as hard to write it, as I thought. 

Spring break

Quite frankly I dont feel like spending too much time on blogging and “living an online life” these days. I have always been pretty crap at the keeping in touch business, but I never ignore the people who are important to me. Spending time on the Internet means talking to these people, and occasionally posting pictures here rather than on Facebook. So here is a gallery of my pictures taken in my beloved Hungary. 

Oszinten szolva mostanaban alig alig foglalkozom a bloggal, es ugy altalaban az Internetet is kerulom. A kapcsolattartasban sosem voltam tul jo, inkabb csak a hozzam igazan kozel allo emberek tarsasagat keresem. Amikor az Interneten mulatom az idot akkor ezekkel az emberekkel beszelgetek, vagy neha a fotoimat a Facebook helyett inkabb itt a WordPressen osztom meg. Ime a Magyarorszagon keszult kepekbol egy galeria.